Services and Pricing

Swedish Massage is a lighter, relaxation based massage. The focus of this treatment is to relax the muscles and mind. Swedish Massage can be rejuvenating and invigorating, depending on the application. During the consultation we will narrow in on the treatment each patient needs and wants.

Deep Tissue Massage is applied with a firmer and slower pressure. This treatment will reach the deeper muscles and underlying tissues. This form of treatment can at times be intense. Rest assured, we will communicate throughout the session to ensure the pain threshold is not crossed and the optimal levels of pressure are achieved

Therapeutic Recovery is offered an all encompassing treatment modality and will be the most intensive treatment. This treatment will integrate Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), stretching, and assistive/resistive Range of Motion (ROM) techniques. Along side the MET, ROM and stretching, the Therapeutic Recovery treatment will use elements of deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofacial release. 

Targeted Sessions are offered by Mountain Roots Massage for times when you need a quick fix for aching muscles. Sometimes we don't have an hour to set aside or the need for a full body treatment. With a Targeted session we will aim to relieve pain where it is most concentrated. Just finished helping a friend move and now your lower back and thighs are sore? Stop in for a 30-45 minute session to get the kinks out.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our treatments!

All of our services can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Swedish Massage

Swedish 60 minutes | $75

Swedish 90 minutes | $110

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue 60 minutes | $85

Deep Tissue 90 minutes | $120

Therapeutic Recovery Massage

Therapeutic Recovery 60 minutes | $90

Therapeutic Recovery 90 minutes | $130

Targeted Sessions

Two Specific Areas* 30 minutes | $35

Two Specific Areas* 45 minutes | $50

Three Specific Areas* 30 minutes | $35

Three Specific Areas* 45 minutes | $50

*Example Areas to be Specified: 



Front or Back Thighs/Calves 


Upper and Lower Back

Lower Back/Glutes

Upper Back/Shoulders